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 O.E. Meinzer Award

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Award YearAward Winner
1965Tóth, József
1966McGuinness, C. L.
1967Stallman, Robert W.
1968Hantush, Madhi S.
1969Cooper, Hilton H., Jr.
1970Stringfield, Victor T.
1971Maxey, George B.
1972Poland, Joseph F. and Davis, George H.
1973Back, William and Hanshaw, Bruce B.
1974Freeze, R. Allan
1975Bredehoeft, John D. and Pinder, George F.
1976Neuman, Shlomo P. and Witherspoon, Paul A.
1977Rubin, Jacob and James, Ronald V.
1978Nelson, William R.
1979Sharp, John. M., Jr., and Domenico, P. A.
1980Cooley, Richard. L.
1981Bennett, Gordon D.
1983Weeks, Edwin P.
1984Schwartz, Franklin W. and Smith, Leslie. J.
1985Cherry, John A.
1986Narasimhan, T. N.
1987Gelhar, Lynn W.
1988Winograd, Isaac J.
1989Davis, Stanley N.
1990Hem, John D.
1991Neuzil, Christopher E.
1992Bethke, Craig M.
1993Plummer, L. Niel
1994Gorelick, Steven M.
1995Garven, Grant
1996Wilson, John L.
1997Konikow, Leonard F.
1998Anderson, Mary P.
1999Sudicky, Edward A.
2000Chapelle, Francis H.
2001Philips, Fred M.
2002Winter, Thomas C.
2003Ingebritsen, Steven E.
2004de Marsily, Ghislain
2005Siegel, Donald I.
2006Pruess, Karsten
2007Frape, Shaun
2008Thorstenson, Donald C.
2009Edmunds, W. Mike
2010Baedecker, Mary Jo
2011Graham E. Fogg
2012David L. Parkhurst
2013Chunmiao Zheng
2014Charles F. Harvey

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